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Cisco Joins Google To Launches Free, High-Speed Public Wi-Fi Access Globally


Cisco joins Google to launches free, high-speed public Wi-Fi access globally. The primary pilot under the association has been launched at 35 areas in Bengaluru, Cisco said on Monday, including that it will work with Google’s ‘Station Platform’ to give networks around the nation access to high-speed public Wi-Fi.

By September this year, 200 areas in Bengaluru will be Wi-Fi empowered, trailed by another 300 in the subsequent stage, the two innovation monsters said at the ‘Cisco India Summit’ here. The areas incorporate public spaces like government offices, bus stops and hospitals, and so on.

Google said that it was resolved to make the service secure. As per Cisco, the vision behind revealing this service is that Internet ought to be an essential right in this nation. Right now, about a large portion of a billion people in India are on the web, while 800 million are as yet not associated with the Internet.

President, Cisco India & Saarc, Sameer Garde said, “Moving from slow to high-speed Internet access will increase user engagement and benefit millions of Internet users throughout the economic spectrum. The success of digitization and digital citizen services is also closely tied to the proliferation of high-speed internet.”

India has just 52,000 Wi-Fi hotspots today, requiring a proactive system to make high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots omnipresent the nation over. As indicated by the Cisco VNI (Visual Networking Index) report, about 59 percent of Internet traffic will be offloaded from cellular networks to Wi-Fi by 2022.

Head-Industry Intelligence Group, CyberMedia Research, Prabhu Ram said, “It is an important partnership from the context of furthering the vision of Digital India, by making hi-speed public Wi-FI as pervasive as possible in congested city settings.”

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