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Apple launches YouTube Channel for its Apple TV services

Apple has recently launched its new YouTube channel which has been designed especially for its services including Apple TV. The new YouTube channel is a source of all videos including trailers for upcoming films and TV shows on Apple TV, and the platform will also contain interviews and behind the scenes videos of favorite shows and movies. The new YouTube channel of Apple will also contain Apple’s own original content including Carpool Karaoke previews and Apple TV+ trailer, according to reports.

There have been reports that every video that will be available on the channel will be free from advertisements and will make it easy for users to watch trailers for upcoming films including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker via the Apple’s YouTube channel instead of watching them from a medium which contains ads.

Apple launching its TV channel on YouTube is not a new or a unique thing as Apple is moving towards multimedia content including video and entertainment space with full pace. Besides this, the channel that the tech giant has recently launched also shares an interesting relationship with the Apple TV app.

The channel has been specifically designed by Apple to promote its Apple TV service as the promotional videos of the Apple TV service have been made available on the channel instead of the Apple TV app. Even behind the scenes clips and many of the videos of the interviews which are not available on Apple TV app are available on YouTube channel, but sources say that this is temporary and will undoubtedly change in the future.




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